The Care and Feeding of Rogues
A Lady’s Guide to the Care and Feeding of Rogues

A Lady’s Guide to the Care and Feeding of Rogues

Who could resist a wager from London’s most popular detective, Sherlock Holmes? Certainly not his scientist neighbor, Elise Hamblin.

The challenge: Study the primal nature of men; but not just any man for her study will do. Sherlock has chosen the Earl of March, a man with a scandalous and dangerous reputation. 

Prospero Harrington has returned from exile to claim the title of Earl of March and his late father’s mounting debts. Desperate to secure his future, he responds to an intriguing ad and finds himself the subject of observation by a beautiful woman in exchange for a hefty payment.

Disguised as a man, Elise follows Prospero about London. Their close proximity and adventures provides a fascinating introduction to the world of men, passion, and desire.

Tragedy strikes and Elise must rely on the scandalous rogue she’s been studying. Enemies from Prospero’s dangerous past set their sights on the new earl and the woman who has won his heart, forcing him to face his past or lose Elise forever.

The Care and Feeding of Rogues is a stranger to lovers romance with a lady scientist and a scandalous rogue with a heart of gold. What starts out as a wager becomes the adventure of a lifetime, with a guaranteed HEA.

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