Vampire Valentine

Vampire Valentine

How bad can a blind date with a vampire really be?

The last thing Ryan Harding needs is his brother setting him up on dates with random women. Yes, he’s been avoiding relationships and burying himself in work, but come on, a blind date? Surely things aren’t that desperate. Still…the cute blonde at the bar is pretty amazing. Kind of sexy as hell. Why did he think a blind date was so bad again?

Grace Stanhope has no interest in dating mortals, but she owes her best friend one hell of a favor. A blind date with a human can’t be all that bad right? She might even have a nice time…but oh god is he three of her most favorite things? Tall, dark, AND handsome!?!

Before the night is through, sparks fly, spells are cast, and this blind date just might have a bite to it…

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