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A Lady’s Guide to the Care and Feeding of Rogues

A Lady’s Guide to the Care and Feeding of Rogues

Who could resist a wager from London’s most popular detective, Sherlock Holmes? Certainly not his scientist neighbor, Elise Hamblin.

The challenge: Study the primal nature of men; but not just any man for her study will do. Sherlock has chosen the Earl of March, a man with a scandalous and dangerous reputation. 

Prospero Harrington has returned from exile to claim the title of Earl of March and his late father’s mounting debts. Desperate to secure his future, he responds to an intriguing ad and finds himself the subject of observation by a beautiful woman in exchange for a hefty payment.

Disguised as a man, Elise follows Prospero about London. Their close proximity and adventures provides a fascinating introduction to the world of men, passion, and desire.

Tragedy strikes and Elise must rely on the scandalous rogue she’s been studying. Enemies from Prospero’s dangerous past set their sights on the new earl and the woman who has won his heart, forcing him to face his past or lose Elise forever.

The Care and Feeding of Rogues is a stranger to lovers romance with a lady scientist and a scandalous rogue with a heart of gold. What starts out as a wager becomes the adventure of a lifetime, with a guaranteed HEA.

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Dukes and Diamonds

Dukes and Diamonds

A collection of four new exclusive novellas by your favorite historical romance authors all featuring Dukes and Diamonds.

They say…

Ladies are like diamonds - no two are the same

Four daring Dukes…

Discover that gems are forever.


Grab your copy of Dukes and Diamonds today and binge read the brilliant titles below:

Book 4 - Dukes and Diamonds

Dukes, Diamonds and Other Desires by USA Today Bestselling Author, Charlie Lane

The Heiress and the Duke by USA Today Bestselling Author, Rebecca Paula

Dukes and Diamonds by USA Today Bestselling Author, Lauren Smith

Doubling down on a Duke by Rachel Ann Smith

Other Lords & Ladies of St. James series titles:

Book 1 - Lords and Lace:

Book 2 - Earls and Pearls

Book 3 - Rakes and Reticules

Book 5 - Gentlemen and Gloves

Book 6 - Peers and Parasols

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The Wartime Matchmakers

The Wartime Matchmakers

When the world went to war . . . they fought for love.

 England, 1939: The world is on the brink of war when Elizabeth Mowbray breaks her engagement with a tea planter in India and returns home to the English countryside. Desperate to escape a stifling life under her parents’ roof, she moves to London seeking adventure and excitement.

With German forces sweeping across Europe, she has little hope of finding steady, fulfilling employment as England readies itself for war. A chance encounter with Henrietta, Brigadier General Byron’s daughter, sets Elizabeth on a course that will forever change her life and the lives of others.

Henrietta, a recently divorced and statuesque beauty, is not a hopeless romantic like Elizabeth, but her new friend inspires her to embrace life, even as the dark fog of war creeps across the English Channel.

The two enterprising young women come up with a brilliant idea to open London’s first matchmaking agency. They face numerous challenges in establishing their business in the midst of air raid drills, food and clothing rationing, and the dangers of the Blitz. As they match Londoners, they find themselves in romances of their own. Elizabeth catches the eye of a daring, roguish RAF pilot and Henrietta discovers passion with a charming solicitor who joins Britain’s first Commandos.

While the men they love are fighting in the air and in Europe, German shells shatter the peace of England. Henrietta and Elizabeth become legendary as they rescue men from the shores of Dunkirk, dig for survivors in the ruins of bombed homes, and inspire thousands of their countrymen and women not to give up the fight for life and love.

Inspired by the stunning story of the real matchmakers Mary Oliver and Heather Jenner, The Wartime Matchmakers is a humorous, poignant, and personal reminder that even in the darkest times, love triumphs.

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