Blood Moon Brotherhood
Blood Moon On The Rise

Blood Moon On The Rise

It just wasn’t Tami Gilbert’s night. 

Pretending to seduce a werewolf and killing him in an alley is not exactly what she had in mind for her Friday night.  But as a hunter for the Brotherhood of the Blood Moon, she is tasked with locating dangerous supernatural creatures and eliminating them, along with her tracker partner, the sexy and magically gifted, Nicholas Rubin. But relationships between hunters and trackers are expressly forbidden – and Tami’s been carrying this torch since they were fifteen.

As if life weren’t complicated enough …

Nicholas has been drawn to his partner since they were young trainees. But his first duty is to the Brotherhood.  He can’t betray the centuries of rules that help keep their world safe. Even if it means never giving into his longing for Tami.

… Temptation takes on a whole new meaning!

After narrowly escaping death, Tami is unable to resist and succumbs to Nicholas’s kiss, surprised when he enthusiastically returns it. But when a sorceress wants revenge, she uses their attraction to put them both in danger. Racing against time Nicholas must fight to save Tami and break the spell that would take her from him forever.

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