Historical Romance
Lost With a Scot

Lost With a Scot

Series: The League of Rogues®, Book 17
Genre: Historical Romance

Brooding, intense, passionate…these are the three things Anna knows about the mysterious man who rescues her when she washes up on the shores after Scotland after surviving a shipwreck. With no memory of who she is except her name, she must rely on this darkly handsome Scot, Aiden Kincade as she searches for answers about her past. The more time she spends with Aiden, the more his heated looks, and fiery kisses ignite desires she never knew she had. But she fears that finding out who she is will only tear her and Aiden apart.

The last thing Aiden Kincade expects is to find a beautiful woman half-drowned while he rides along the beach. But the moment he takes her into his arms, he realizes that this is the woman he has dreamed about for years, the woman who had been prophesied to bring about his death should he dare to love her. And yet denying his love for her is as impossible as drawing his next breath.

It’s clear from the moment they meet, that fate has brought them together. But as Anna’s past begins to surface, and a terrible danger looms over her, Aiden fears that he might lose everything and everyone he holds dear unless he can find a way to defy destiny.

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