Stranded with Prince Charming

Stranded with Prince Charming

Series: Ever After, Book 3
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Getting stuck in Switzerland over Christmas with your ex-boyfriend’s nemesis isn’t a good thing…or is it?

When Shana Pimms finds Chicago’s resident bad boy lawyer Roarke Covington in her hotel room claiming to be her roommate, she’s more than a little confused. She’d only agreed to help her ex-boyfriend out by traveling overseas to negotiate a real estate deal for her father’s law firm. The last thing she’s ready for is the handsome, oh-so-sexy, Roarke to play prince charming to her Cinderella…

Roarke can’t believe his luck. For a man who hates Christmas, this sure is shaping up to be one heck of a Christmas miracle because he gets to share a hotel room…and a bed with Shana, the girl he’s secretly been in love with for years. There’s just one problem, Shana doesn’t trust him because her ex-boyfriend has her convinced he’s the villain in her fairy tale life.  With a little seduction, and a lot of Christmas magic in this snowy little town, Roarke will prove to Shana he can be her dirty little secret…and perhaps the love of a lifetime.

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