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Dating is a nightmare.

For successful Aubree Cole, finding love while building a lucrative career seems to be just out of her reach.

The Meet Cute dating app sounded like a great idea. But a series of crash and burn dates has her rethinking dating that is…until she meets him.

Matthew, a sexy Australian bartender comes to her rescue after a date bails on her. He gives her a much-needed cocktail and some great advice…along with inspiring a few naughty daydreams.

It’s just enough to make her take a chance on love again. When a secret admirer challenge lands in her dating app inbox to French Kiss a Stranger, she knows just where to start.

Throwing caution to the wind, she accepts the dare. Maybe she needs to get out of her comfort zone a bit to uncover something…more.

One supposedly-harmless challenge turns into multiple romantic encounters with Matthew and she’s left more confused than ever about which man she wants more, the friendly neighborhood bartender or the sexy secret challenger from the dating app.

Aubree is ready to find the one. But is the one ready to find her?