Paranormal Romance/Sci-Fi Romance
Vampires and Vixens – Love Bites Books 1 & 2

Vampires and Vixens – Love Bites Books 1 & 2

Series: Love Bites, Book 2.5
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Sci-Fi Romance

Sink your teeth the dark side with these two delicious paranormal romances by USA Today Bestseller Lauren Smith.

The Bite of Winter:

Zoey Blake is about as far down on her luck as she can get. A car crash took her parents, leaving her destitute and on the street. When she’s attacked by another homeless person, her lifeblood drains away as her fading vision is filled with the face of a handsome stranger.

Ian Kennedy, a century old Irish vampire, never could resist rescuing a stray. As a few drops of his blood heals Zoey’s wounds, he realizes she’s a sweet, tempting, flesh-and-blood woman. But there’s one problem. Connor, who made Ian promise decades ago: no more mortal lovers.

After another vampire murdered his soulmate, Connor O’Shea swore never to let a mortal woman pay the price for loving him. Until he feels Zoey’s skin and tastes her lips. She makes him want to break that vow.

Zoey finds herself caught in their web of seduction. But as Christmas draws near and her grief deepens, happiness seems far out of reach. And Ian and Connor join forces to prove their love is sacred, special…and forever.

His Little Vixen:

Sadie Harris doesn’t like immortals. After vampires leave her an orphan, she’s raised by her grandmother at the edge of a werewolf pack’s territory. As a fox shifter, she knows the rules about werewolves: Stay clear of the boundaries, never go out after dark during the full moon and take a vacation far, far away when she goes into her shifter mating heat or else she’ll attract literal “big bad wolves.” But when her flight gets cancelled and her mating heat is coming - so are the wolves. The last thing she expects is to get rescued by a tall, dark and gorgeous man…er…vampire. What’s a vixen to do?

Seamus Gallagher might be immortal but his life is full of mortal problems: he’s been framed for the murder of the woman his two best friends loved; he's on a mission to find and kill his sire; and, he has no idea what to do with the feisty red-headed vixen he just rescued from a vicious werewolf pack. He doesn't have time to babysit a skittish shifter who hates vampires, but when he looks at her, Seamus sees trouble. Sexy, sweet, and irresistible trouble. The last thing this vamp needs is to fall in love.

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Vampire Valentine

Vampire Valentine

How bad can a blind date with a vampire really be?

The last thing Ryan Harding needs is his brother setting him up on dates with random women. Yes, he’s been avoiding relationships and burying himself in work, but come on, a blind date? Surely things aren’t that desperate. Still…the cute blonde at the bar is pretty amazing. Kind of sexy as hell. Why did he think a blind date was so bad again?

Grace Stanhope has no interest in dating mortals, but she owes her best friend one hell of a favor. A blind date with a human can’t be all that bad right? She might even have a nice time…but oh god is he three of her most favorite things? Tall, dark, AND handsome!?!

Before the night is through, sparks fly, spells are cast, and this blind date just might have a bite to it…

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